Raleigh County 21-Year-Old Pleads Guilty to Second Degree Murder


A shaken and sobbing Camille Brown pleaded guilty to second degree murder and two counts of burglary on the afternoon of Tuesday, May 23, 2017.

She’s charged with beating pastor Ronald Browning to death and then breaking in to two other homes, in February, 2015. Ralph Browning, the pastor’s brother, said he’s finally getting closure after more than two years. 

“It’s been tough knowing the vicious way that she did it,” Ralph Browning said. “But we know that she’s going to spend the time that she needs to spend. And not only do we feel sorry for our family, but we feel sorry for hers.”

Brown was also accused of attacking a veteran at a second home she entered after attacking Browning. She then broke into a third home to scare a family.

Jesse Forbes, Brown’s lawyer, said he supported her decision to plead guilty. 

“Here this is a situation where Ms. Brown has admitted her role in this, she is beyond apologetic for what’s happened and trying to move forward in whatever way she can at this point,” Forbes said.

Raleigh County prosecuting attorney Kristen Keller said Brown could serve up to 70 years if she’s given the maximum sentence for all three charges. 

“I really want her to spend time that she has to spend,” Ralph Browning said.

Keller told 59News that Brown was denied bond and will return to Southern Regional Jail until her sentencing hearing on September 6, 2017.

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