The Raleigh County Commission is looking into the possibility of merging some public services with the city of Beckley.

According to the Raleigh County Commission President, Byrd White, a committee has been formed to find out if county and city agencies could come together and operate under one metropolitan area. 
Byrd said the idea could bring in extra federal funding and possibly attract more businesses. “This also puts us on the map a little bit if Joe Smith is looking for a place to open his company and he goes and he looks at Beckley and its got 17,000 or 19,000 people, but if he looks at a metro area and its got 78,000 people, it might bring in some attention,” Byrd said.  

So far, the Commission has appointed two local leaders for the committee.  They include Beckley Attorney Victor Flanagan and City Attorney Bill File.  More leaders will be added to the committee this week.