Raleigh County Emergency Service prepares for disastrous weather conditions


RALEIGH COUNTY- Raleigh County Emergency Services has supplies ready to be deployed within hours of a disaster. Director of emergency service John Zilinski says since the last weather disaster that hit West Virginia in 2012, they’ve added a large amount of equipment to their southern regional deployment center. Emergency Services also has prepared flood kits- complete with a 5 gallon bucket, garbage bags, and other necessary cleaning supplies to help clean after a weather disaster has flooded your home. “We’ve preached preparedness, basically to all of our outings and any events that we’ve done to better have the residents prepared to take care of themselves for at least 72 hours after a storm, before one shows up,” said Zilinski. 

Local convenience stores have also upgraded their response systems so they can now offer generators, food, and fuel to the community. Zilinski says it’s also important to protect important papers like birth certificates and other records with a document protector, which can be picked up at Volunteer West Virginia.

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