Raleigh County High Schools Changing Class Schedules


Ron Cantley, Woodrow Wilson High School principal, wants to see his students score higher on their English and Math tests. 

That’s why he’s looking forward to the new schedule for all kids across high schools in Raleigh County. 

“We are moving away from a four period day with 90 minute classes, and a class change at each semester to a 6 period day in math, English and some science, students will be in those classes all year long,” Cantley says.

The most recent report of test scores in Raleigh County high schools from the 2014 to 2015 year came back with a percent proficiency ranging from 36 to 42 percent in English. In math, the percent proficiency was much lower, ranging from as low as 13 percent to 19 percent the highest. 

Cantley says the new schedule will allow high school students in the county to get about 2,000 more minutes of instruction in math, English and some science than they would have in the last system. 

“What we want to do is go deeper into those subjects,” Cantley says. “We also have more time to establish relationships. We also have more time to be diagnostic, prescriptive, re-mediated as well as acceleration when we spend more time on those subjects.”

Darlene McNeel and Shelly McClung work at Woodrow Wilson High School and each have a daughter attending school there. Both believe the new schedule will strengthen their kids skills in subjects that will help them later in life. 

“Any kind of job that you get, prepare for, that’s the two main subjects you’ll need to lead your life correctly,” McNeel says.

“Those are core subjects, and feed into just about anything they’ll study in college,” McClung adds.

Students in Raleigh County start school next Thursday.

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