Raleigh County man happy to help pull tractor trailer up hill


It’s a crazy scene, two trucks pulling one loaded tractor trailer. D.J. Phelps was behind the wheel of the white Dodge Ram.

“Usually when we get bad storms me and my buddies will drive around help people out and we just came across that semi stuck so we just decided to hook up to it and see if the dodge could pull it and by gosh she’ll eat,” Phelps said.

And man did she eat, Phelps and friends pulled the stuck tractor trailer up near the crossroads mall. It’s a coincidence for Phelps, he says the same Dodge truck was totaled by a semi a couple years ago, now he’s just happy to help.

“I was shocked, I thought we weren’t going to make, we started slowing down about half way up the hill, I was about to let off my buddy pushed me to keep on going and we just kept driving and we made it to the top, I was impressed,” he said.

We shared the video on our Facebook page Friday, January 22nd, 2016. Now the video has over 100,000 and countless shares. Phelps says he’s willing to help anyone who’s stuck.

“I’ll help anyone out if they are stuck, I was raised that way to help everybody out and I’d expect the same if I needed it,” Phelps said.

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