Raleigh County Man Sentenced for Felony Convictions


One man faced a judge in Raleigh County on charges of nighttime burglary and escaping. 

Adam Suratt sat in jail for four and a half months on a prior conviction, but returned to court Tuesday afternoon (8/8). 

Suratt was arrested on March 26, 2017 for breaking and entering into a business. After he was put into the police cruiser, police said his own mother went around and let him out. From there Suratt ran, but soon after he was detained. 

Tuesday (8/8) he plead guilty on two felony convictions. His two pleas were Attempt to Commit a Felony. He received one to three years to run consecutive to the two to five previously handed down. He was sentenced to three to eight years behind bars. 

Suratt will also have to pay court costs and restitution.

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