Raleigh County woman hits the century mark


The gift of life is a precious one, Elizabeth Mills has seen a lot in her day And Saturday is her birthday. She’ll need a large birthday cake to fit all 100 candles.

“She’s lived a long life, she hard working for us she really brought us all seven kids up,” Robert Mills said.

Robert is Elizabeth’s only son, imagine growing up with six sisters! Her grandchildren have just as many stories.
“When my grandpa passed away she talked about having another husband and she said that it took her long enough to train the one she had she didn’t want to have to train another one,” Matt Huffman, one of her many grandchildren said.

But there is one birthday bet that she’s kept near and dear to her.

“When she was 90 that if she made it to 100 and if my husband wasn’t too old that she would ride the motorcycle,” Cindy Ison, Mill’s granddaughter said.

Well the Ison’s stuck to their word. Family members helped Grandma onto the bike and off she went. Mills had the biggest smile on her face after driving across the tent

“She has always got a smile, she has always got a hug for you. She’s just a great woman,” Ison said.

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