Recent videos show an alarming increase in near misses at bus stops


All aboard the bus! It’s supposed to be a safe haven for children.

“Whether it’s the school or the school bus, I think the parents entrust us and prosecute those that violate the safety of children,” Gary Hough, the Director of Transportation for the Fayette County Board of Education, said.

Heart stopping video was taken on board a bus in Seattle where three children stopped dead in their tracks as the driver blows by the stop sign. It’s a scary sight and thankfully those children weren’t hurt, but what if they were hit?”

Person passes the bus that has their lights on and their stop sign out, so they could run over a kid, kill the child and you could be looking at manslaughter or second degree murder,” Chief Deputy Mike Fridley with the Fayette County Sheriff’s Department, said.

According to West Virginia state law, if you hit and seriously injure a child, you could face up 10 years in person and a fine, and if you do pass a bus while dropping kids off and don’t injure, you could have your license suspended.

“A loss of license for first offense thirty days, 90 days second offense, 180 days third offense,” Hough said.

Both Chief Deputy Fridley and Hough say drivers need to be vigilant while out on the road, especially behind the bus.

“Kids don’t pay attention at a younger age and they might just dart right across the road and the bus hasn’t come to a stop yet or put its sign out,” Fridley said.

Hough said in a single day, he’s seen six drivers pass a school bus with their stop signs out.

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