Residents Concerned About Trees Hanging Along Road in Raleigh County


 People in one Raleigh County community are worried about a tree that they say dangles dangerously over the road.

If you drive down Rt. 3 towards Whitesville, you may notice some trees hanging close to the road.

One tree in particular has residents worried.

They’re afraid the tree is going to fall over into the road and cause an accident.

“There are places where there are trees hanging on power lines, there’s you know, gigantic places on the road where you have to swerve into the oncoming lane to get around, um, and on top of that you have all of these overloaded coal trucks riding up and down the road,” says Junior Walk.

We spoke with Tom Camden with the Division of Highways.

He says they’re going to head over to see if there is anything they can do.

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