Residents Say Raleigh County Road is in Need of Repair


 People living along Irish Mountain Road in Raleigh County say their road needs some attention.

They say the road is littered with potholes and to make things worse, it’s now slipping down the hillside.

Drivers who use the road every day say they’re tired of dodging the bad spots and want to see something done.

“The school buses are having a time getting in and out of here.  I have a grandson that starts school this fall.  I want the roads to be safe for him,” says Carol Richmond.

“They need to come in and cut some of these banks back.  Just start re-black topping and getting the road done is what they need to do.  If they don’t want to black top it, at least gravel it, grade it, you know, keep it from tearing our vehicles up,” says Bobby Richmond.

A 59News photographer stopped by the Division of Highways garage in Beckley.   There wasn’t anyone available to talk to us about the status of repairs on the road.   Since this story first aired, we spoke with a representative of the DOH who says the road will be looked at a little closer.

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