Residents Walk to honor law enforcement


On Thursday roughly 30 residents gathered in solidarity to honor those who protect and serve every day during national law enforcement appreciation week.

They did it by walking more than a mile in downtown Beckley. Even the Raleigh County Sheriff’s Officer Search Dog, Bella joined residents and law enforcement on the walk.

Bill Killen is a sergeant with the Raleigh county Sheriff’s Office. He’s been on the force for more than 14 years. He says he’s thankful for the show of support from the community. 

“It makes me feel good with all that we see and all that we do and all that we put up with on the job to see good people that support us and see through all the bad that’s going on”

The walk was organized by local resident Kristina Meredith. She says the event was aimed at showing appreciation.

“Our message is just to show our law enforcement officers how appreciative we are of them and all that they do on a daily basis for our safety. She says the walk was not only for current officers but  also those officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty. “They put their lives on the line we feel like the least we can do is put an event together to show our support.”

The group also wore blue to signify the importance of officer’s lives. 

“Of course all lives matter but to day we want to just signify that blue lives do matter, Merideth said. 

Killen says he hopes the appreciation from this event will resonate throughout the community and alter any negative perceptions of law enforcement. 
“To know that we’re still out there for the good and there are still good officers out there the vast majority of the officers are good people we’re out there to help serve and protect.” 

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