Road Crews are out in full force and so are travelers


The summer travel season is in full swing, and it seems like road cones are popping up as often as spring flowers. Drivers need to be more aware as road crews are out in full force after a rough winter left us with a lot of damage. Department of Highway workers are cluttering the roadways, drivers are being forced to squeeze down to one lane, and many are frustrated. 

Harold Berggren, who was traveling through the area said, “I find a lot of lane closures that to me seems kind of ridiculous, because it’s a closure that doesn’t take place for two or three miles down the road, why don’t they make it closer to where there going to close.”

But road crews tell me that their just trying to create a safe work environment. Most speed limits drop 15 to 20 miles below the normal speed limit in a work zone, and the speed limits are usually posted about 1,500 feet before you reach the actual site there working on. 

Drivers tell me that they are glad to see the pesky potholes finally being patched, but Frank Long with the Department of Highways says, that they should show their appreciation by slowing down, “A lot of times on the four lanes or something, you’ve got traffic that’s supposed to slow down to 45 miles an hour and they will run by 55, 65, or 75 miles an hour, even on wet roads and that’s very dangerous if they get out of shape they could kill the whole crew.”

Also remember that speeding fines are doubled in work zones. 

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