Road projects are piling up in Hinton


     Construction along the Lilly Bridge in Hinton is still underway, but now several other road projects are popping up in the same area. 
The road leading into Bluestone State Park is down to one lane where the road slipped. Its been this was for about six months. A quarter of a mile past the road slip, crews are clearing a way to make a new entrance to the lake. The Superintendent of Bluestone State Park, Brett McMillion, is not in control of any of these projects, “I do know DOH and Brayman are working together on coming up with some different ideas on what to do for the slip. And they understand it’s a priority, knowing this is a park road and how important tourism is to the area.”
     These three projects are taking quite a while, but once their all done it will be great for park visitors and for locals. Once the road to the lake is finished boaters will be able to use this wide easily accessible road, rather than having to take the current narrow path of Route 20. McMillion says this new road is going to be great for the entire community, “Greatest benefit from the project is going to be the new access road that the contractors are going to be installing, that will allow us to get the traffic off the pit area access road, the small little one lane road. We’re going to close it and construct a new two lane entrance.”
     Brayman construction offered to pave out the new access point if they could move the materials they dug up for the bridge to this new road. The park is hoping the new road to the lake is open by the summer of 2016 and that the road slip is fixed this fall. The old Lilly Bridge is expected to be demolished late this fall. 

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