Rock Slide Closes Road Indefinitely in Mercer County


People in Mercer County are finding other ways to get around, after a rock slide closes a main road. County Route 460 on Kellysville Road, will remain closed until further notice. 

The West Virginia Department of Transportation is working to clean up a rock slide. But that is proving to be difficult.

Due to the size of some of the boulders on the road, they are bringing in heavy equipment from out of state. Clean up crews also have to get permission from the surrounding properties to work on the still active slide.

District 10 Active Maintenance Director Joe Pack said the area near the rock slide is dangerous. 

“As far as safety goes, this is still an active slide it could be moving at any time,” Pack said. “Anyone who enters into that work area is risking their own life. Any vehicle that goes through there should be emergency services only and people should do whatever they can to avoid the area, because someone could be seriously injured.”

Employees with the West Virginia DOT are asking drivers to use alternate routes. 

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