Rough Roads Leave Matoaka Residents With Big Concerns


People living on Carter Hill Road in Matoaka say the only route to get to their home is crumbling and has become a danger to drive on.

“We need some help,” stressed a Matoaka native, Keith Reed.

People have who live on the road said it was once passable, but it’s now falling apart. “Nobody cares, that’s what I’ve told the state, is it going to take someone getting killed to do something,” Reed said.

Water from springs nearby constantly run down the road, eating away at the asphalt. Now, a portion of the road is gone and with the winter quickly approaching Reed is afraid for himself and his neighbors.

“I have fell and slid down past the turn and if I didn’t have my helmet on I would have busted my head open,” Reed said.

With chunks of the road missing, Reed wants to know what will happen if he needs help from first responders.

“A fire truck isn’t going to be able to get up here,” Reed said. “We can’t get nobody in here to come help us,” Reed said.

Reed contacted the Division of Highways and the Governor’s Office, but said he can’t get any answers.

59 News reached out to the Division of Highways for more information. The Head District Engineer with WVDOH, Allen Reed, said they are aware of the problem and are working to get crews to the road. He said they respond to problems based on priority, but those living on Carter Hill Road said their road should be on the top of the list. “The road is terrible,” Reed said.

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