Rupert Buys School Zone Signs, After School Board Never Responds to Fund Request


The town of Rupert has been asking the Greenbrier County School Board for funds to install flashing lights on the school zone sign, but have not been successful. So, the town took matters into their own hands. 

After trying numerous times for almost a year to contact the Greenbrier County School Board to provide funds for flashing lights on school zone signs, the town of Rupert has not heard back.  

“We still haven’t heard anything back from him and I’ve been trying to make contact with calling his phone and not getting a answer or return calls from him,” said Ruperts Chief of Police, J.P. Stevens.

Stevens is very passionate about keeping the kids in the community safe.  The Mayor of Rupert and Stevens both sent letters to the Greenbrier County School Board and they have yet to respond. 

“These school zones are more important to me than anything, I enforce these school zones and these kids safety is my first response,” Stevens Said. 
When crossing the street after school in Rupert on Anjean road, there is no crosswalk or flashing lights to ensure the safety of the students.  
Because it’s a busy road with trucks and and cars speeding by, the town of Rupert believes the flashing lights are necessary.   
“You’ve got kids that are crossing the street, these tractor trailers can’t stop on a dime, they’re going to slide a hundred feet or so just as fast as they’re moving,” said Stevens.   

We are still waiting for a comment from the Greenbrier County School Board. As soon as we receive a comment from the Greenbrier County School Board we will update you. 

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