Rupert Preschool Student Gets Special Surprise


When the students filed in for the Military Career Day presentation at Rupert Elementary School, they had no idea that it would turn in to something much bigger for preschooler Peyton Surgeon and her family. The guest speaker was Sargeant Matt Surgeon of the United States Army- but Peyton just calls him dad. 

“She’s a lot better when he’s here, you know, the way she acts and respects and listens. She misses him a lot, you can tell,” says Peyton’s mom Brittany. 

The family decided to surprise the preschooler with her fathers homecoming, and surprise her they did. Before today, it had been almost a year since the two had seen each other in person. Surgeons year long deployment meant just Facetime and Phone calls with his four year old daughter.

“It’s kind of difficult because the internet over there is not that great, it goes in and out. So every chance I get I call and talk to her when she’s not at school,” explains Sgt. Surgeon. 

So when the school was able to help reunite the father daughter duo in such an exciting way, principal Jenny Harden was pleased to be able to help saying. “every time we talked about it I would cry, and everybody would cry. Today I didn’t cry but it was very exciting to know that she could see her dad and hasn’t seen him in so long.”  

Surgeon says the family doesn’t have any special plans for the  next few weeks, but he plans on spending as much time as he can with his wife and young daughter. 

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