Safety tips for heavy holiday traffic


If there’s anything worse than knowing Christmas is over and reality is on the horizon, it’s getting stuck in traffic. 

With so many drivers on the road it’s important to remember your basic safety tips to keep yourself and others safe while you’re traveling to your destination. 59 News caught up with an E.M.T. from Jan Care to see what he had to say about staying safe behind the wheel. 

“Horrible, it was really bad before you got to the second toll booth and everyone was flagging us down so that we would go slower because it’s been awful, we were crawling,” said Linda Black, holiday traveler

Linda was one of the hundreds of drivers suffering through the traffic troubles that plagued much of I-77 on Monday night. She says trying to beat the traffic only makes it worse. 

“You have to because they’re weaving in and out of traffic thinking they can get in another lane and go a little faster but it’s just crazy and it’s causing accidents, evidently,” Black added. 

Zachary Daniels knows first hand as an E.M.T. how one wrong move on the road can turn deadly. “Yeah, there’s been a lot of black ice issues. When the weather drops down the black ice gets on the road and people don’t notice it and they’re doing already speeding because they’re not used to the change in weather and there will be a lot of roll overs and collisions,” Daniels said. 

With many areas of I-77 being located in rural areas without cell service, it’s imperative to make sure you have an emergency kit with items like non-perishable food, blankets and flash lights. 

“They have no way of calling out for help until someone spots them and they’ll be stranded for hours on some hillside,” Daniels added. 

Just Monday night one car unexpectedly caught fire, making already heavy traffic even worse, backing up travelers as far as ten miles. Even though no one was hurt, it’s road blocks like this that’s making drivers take a more scenic route. 

“I’ll just take my time and go across the mountain,” said Black. 

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