Samaritan saves cat in horrific animal cruelty case


Supple and sweet, Fluff the cat is just like any other normal cat. He loves to roam around.

“We refer to him as the neighborhood cat because everybody loves him,” Dean Workman said.

When Workman’s cat didn’t return last Saturday night, panic started setting in.

“We didn’t see him Sunday, we didn’t see him Monday,” he said.

That’s where Mike Price steps in.

“The lady up the street called and said Mike you need to get up here the neighbors cat has been shot,” Price said.

Price found Fluff laying in his neighbors bushes.

“Reached around for him here (referencing the bush) and he walked slowly, I didn’t want to grab him to hard because I knew he was hurt so he went between the bushes here and he just collapsed underneath the neighbors car,” Price said.

He found the cat with an arrow between his eyes and out his back, the arrow had been lodged in Fluff for more than 24 hours. Price rushed the cat to a veterinarian.
“Took him inside and everyone just went white as a ghost,” he said.

After removing the arrow, Workman was afraid his furry friend would NOT make it.

“It was a miracle that the cat had lived as long as it lived,” Workman said.

Fighting an infection, Fluff is home now recovering from his battle wounds. Both Workman and Price hope something is done to the person who shot the furry feline.

“Anyone who’s thinking of committing these acts of cruelty will realize that there are repercussions,” Price said.


A family is thankful to a man who saved their family pet after the cat was shot with an arrow.  Fluff was missing from the home of Dean Workman in Fayetteville, WV.  Good Samaritan, Mike Price, found the cat shot in the head on Saturday, Sept. 17, and was rescued Monday afternoon and was rushed to the vet.  Fluff survived and is now recovering from the injury.

The case is being investigated by the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office.  Deputies said that they have a suspect in the case.  Warrants have bee issued for that person’s arrest, but the name of the suspect has not been released.  The family and Mike Price, who saved Fluff, speak out about the incident.  Watch for that story on the air.

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