SBA rejects Fayette County schools consolidation plan


It’s the day many parents throughout Fayette County have waited for, the day when the decision whether or not a plan to consolidate Fayette County schools will be funded is made. The answer is no.
Scott Raines, the Director of Architectural says each board member had the opportunity to nominate a county they felt needed funding. Fayette County was nominated twice.
After all the requests were made, the cost for school improvements would have cost the state $22 Million more than the SBA has available. In the end, the SBA had to slim that number down

“Mr. Lange moves to remove Fayette County from the slate Mr. Burton seconds,” Peter Markham, an SBA member said.

Tom Lange, a member of the SBA, says there is work that needs to be done.   First, the county needs professionals to go down and re evaluate schools in Fayette County.
He commended Superintendent Terry George, but Lange says there was a problem when George re-submitted his plan

“The staff in this project didn’t have the opportunity with Fayette County as well as we did the other counties,” Scott Raines, the Director of Architectural services said.

The members of the School Building authority didn’t feel the plan for the county was sufficient.

“By his own admission, he said I don’t know if this is the best plan, but this is the only plan that I’ve really worked on,” Lange said.

Many parents in support of the plan were upset. Kristin Gilkey, a mother whose daughter goes to school Collins Middle School doesn’t know if she’ll keep her family in the county now.

“My mother needs me here, my father needs me here, but I can not allow my daughter to a school where the buildings could possibly fall in on her, I’m fed up, I’m fed up,” Gilkey said.

A consolidation plan for Fayette County can be re-submitted next year.

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