School Attendance Wanes as School Year Winds Down


For students in most of the counties in West Virginia, school won’t let out for another week or so.

Some of them may be getting mixed signals.

We’ve heard from parents with students in class in Raleigh County.

They tell us they’re hearing rumors that attendance will stop being taken on the 17th of the month but classes don’t end until the 22nd.

It doesn’t stop with Raleigh County.  Sen. Daniel Hall of Wyoming has learned attendance in his district may have dropped below 10 percent this week.

Hall’s district includes Raleigh and Wyoming counties and part of McDowell.

We went to the Raleigh County board of education to find out what’s really going on.

“Attendance is taken all year, all 180 days, that’s one aspect of it,” said Dave Traube, with Raleigh County schools.  “The other part, really is, there is still a lot of learning going on.  And a lot of that step up education is something this time of year frees up teachers to expand a little bit and get their kids ready to succeed next year.”

Time lost to snow days was made up by rescheduling the last day of school, which angered some parents, teachers and students. This is the first year counties were permitted to extend the calendar to meet a requirement for 180-days of instruction. Hall wants state law to change so instruction time is based on minutes rather than days

The governor and education officials have defended the 180-day requirement.

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