School Building Authority visits Fayette County


The Fayette county school saga continues, but Monday’s meeting with two members from the School Building Authority, without SBA President David Sneed, showcased both parties working together

“This is the first time they’ve ever gotten involved in helping a county getting the facilities issued corrected in this way,” Fayette County Superintendent Terry George said.

George says it’s time to put differences aside and start working together with both the SBA and residents.

“This demonstrates that they are willing to help Fayette County,” he said.

A several month study revealed significant problems with schools in the county. In December 2015, the Fayette County School Board asked the SBA for 30 million dollars to fund the consolidation plan. The study shows the schools are in dire need, and the bill to fix the schools will run close to 200 million dollars.

“It’s time that somebody makes the effort to fix things and we want to do that working with you all,” Scott Raines said.

Raines, the director of school planning and construction with the SBA, outlined the steady drop in enrollment for all Fayette County schools. Since 1995, the student population has dropped by two thousand members in Fayette County.
For Shawna Sparks, who’s daughter will be using the modular classrooms next school year, says this is a start.

“Something, something is better anything than what we have,” Sparks said.
A meeting will be held June ninth at New River Elementary to discuss further planning for the Comprehensive Educational Facilities Plan.

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