Sen. Manchin Speaks Out on Missiles Dropped on Syrian Airbases


In the days since the United States dropped Missiles on Syrian airbases, politicians around the world have come out for and against the decision.

The attack came days after intelligence officials say the Syrian government dropped chemical weapons on it’s own people. The United States has known for a long time that Syria held chemical weapons. 

Senator Joe Manchin said he supports President Donald Trump’s decision. “Not only sending a warning shot, but letting them know we are not going to let them reign on their agreement. Back in 2013 President Obama and his administration negotiated an agreement. Russia said we’re going to make sure all the weapons are out. We had the chemical weapons convention. There was the UK, France, Russia, America and Syria. Russia was suppose to march in and make sure all the weapons were destroyed. We know that didn’t happen,” said Senator Machin.

Senator Manchin said he believes both Russia and Syria are at fault for the chemical attack on the Syrian people. 

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