Senator Bill Cole is considering running for governor


Jim Justice isn’t the only name rumored to run for Governor, Senator Bill Cole is also considering a run.

Today we talked to Bill Cole and asked him if he’s going to run for Governor, he said ” I’m certainly giving it great consideration. I have a lot of people encouraging me to run for governor, and I see a lot of opportunities if I were to go down that track, but I still have daughters at home in high school. So between family issues and business issues I need to make sure I get my ducks in a row there first.”

Bill Cole is probably best known as a  local business man. He owns Bill Cole Auto Mall in Mercer County, but he’s also worn many different political hats. Right now he is serving his fourth year in the West Virginia Senate, as president. So while the public has elected for him many times in the past, would they vote for Cole for governor. 

Area Princeton residents mostly told us that yes they would like to see someone from there community be in the capitol representing the state. Mark Shrader from Princeton said,  “I think it would be great for our area, he’s from Bluefield. He’s going to do a lot of positive things, that bring positive changes to our area.” 

Bill Cole says if he does run there are several things he would like to focus on, “I want to work on those things where West Virginia lags the nation, whether it’s our poverty rates, our work force participation rates, and our pay. 

Cole says he should make a definite decision in about a month. 

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