Senior Citizens voice concerns amid presidential election


As the campaign trail fires back up following a heated presidential debate senior citizens are now speaking out and voicing their concerns. 

When it comes to this historic presidential election, Wyoming County Resident Jack Cook sums it up like this. 

“I think its a big circus a big joke,” he said. He added that its a political season that sticks out like a sore thumb.

“Im 78 years old and in my 78 years old i have never seen nothing like this on both parties.”

As White House Hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump spend the rest of the campaign trying to sway undecided voters, here locally in Wyoming County Seniors say candidates should focus more on the people. 

“They’re trying to make each other look bad and see which one can make the other one look the worse and as far time on TV they’re just wasting it our time on TV,”  Randall McKinney said. He Believes it should be focused on policy, creating jobs, and most importantly religion in order to get things right and back in order. “They need to put their trust in god instead of the EPA and all these different  things they are trying to trust except the lord they need to get back to the policies that he set fourth.”

Louise Hess shares the same sentiment when it comes the local economy. She says this election year she’s siding   with Trump in hopes that the GOP Nominee can deliver on his promise to bring jobs and revitalize the coal industry.

“We need jobs the peoples is moving out we need industry down here i think we got enough land that some factories could be put in we really need help McDowell Wyoming down in the southern part it seems like we’re left out on everything,” she said.  

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