Series of shootings in Beckley leave people wondering whether its safe to live there


“Heard a barrage of gunshots at least 30-35-40 rounds,” said one Hager Street area resident.

This man who wants to remain anonymous, says living in the Hager street area is like living in a war zone.

“Sounded like something I heard overseas,” he said.

Officials with the Beckley Police Department said they’ve increased patrols in the area prior to the shooting Tuesday night and will be adding more patrols now to the area. But, Councilmen and retired Beckley police officer, Tim Berry, thinks there should be more than just patrols.

“We need to get back out in the neighborhoods, eye to eye contact, you know the cruiser is a wonderful thing to have to get you from here to there, but it doesn’t solve crime for you,” Berry said.

Berry believes officers that get back out in the community and meet with residents in the area to gain their trust.

“I think that if you watch a neighborhood and you get to know the people in that neighborhood you know what to watch for,” he said, “you’ll know who to watch for, you know the neighborhoods know who the problems are, it’s just getting that information to the police department themselves so that they’ll contact you when they have something.”

Officers said they are meeting with community leaders to try and resolve these problems.

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