SEVERE STORMS- Forecast calls for damaging winds


Over the next 24-36 hours you need to be weather aware.  A very potent complex of showers and storms will be pushing toward the area. All of the ingredients are coming together for a widespread severe weather outbreak across the region.

“Today, you need to prepare for heavy weather with big time concerns for flash flooding and even wind damage that could lead to some power outages. We will be here throughout the day as the storm makes it way toward our area.” Meteorologist Erik Taylor says.

Today a powerful complex of storms will make its way into southern West Virginia. This complex was responsible for 60-100 mph+ gust all across Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota and Illinois. Damage can be seen all across the upper plains from the gusty winds and vicious small hail. Besides all of this we have already dealt with flash flooding this morning all across the Greenbrier Valley and even northern portions of Fayette Co. where 1-3″ of rain has been reported. 

There is a frontal boundary in the area that will aid as a trigger mechanism for strong to severe thunderstorms this afternoon and evening as well as once again for Tuesday. All hazards will be on the table from damaging winds, small hail, vivid lightning, and a very high risk flash flooding. 

A “Slight Risk” for severe weather has been put in place as a result for most of the area today. On our storm threat scale that is still on the low side of things running about a 2 out of 5. Still it is not to be taken lightly as any storm could flare up quickly creating very dangerous conditions. A rare Enhanced Risk for severe weather has been issued to our west across Logan and Mingo counties where the ingredients come together a bit more for heavier weather. A “Marginal Risk” has also been issued for the Greenbrier Valley still with the threats of flash flooding and damaging winds. These risk above a not to be taken lightly so please be weather aware. 

Conditions look to quickly deteriorate between 4pm-7pm this afternoon and evening. With sunshine this morning and very warm temps surging near 85 degrees we will have the perfect mix for storms. A closer look shows the worst wave of storms between 5-8pm give or take an hour or two. It looks as if we will have two waves of storms with the main line first followed by some secondary storms along the front as it passes through the overnight hours keeping the flash flood threat in play.

Some things to remember with severe weather working into the area are as followed. The time is now to prepare. Know the difference between a watch vs a warning. A watch means conditions are favorable for severe thunderstorms to develop. A warning means that conditions are occurring or are imminent. Stay indoors when thunder roars whether it be away from any windows or outer walls to avoid debris or even being struck by lightning. Most of all have a plan ready to go such as a safe place to be or even a list contacts near by. Keep your cell phone charges and stay alert through all media sources whether it be the radio, tv, your phone, or online.

The StormTracker59 Weather Team will be with you around the clock for today as severe weather continues to push toward the area. Remember to download our free 59News mobile app available on both the Apple and GooglePlay stores.Stay safe and stay tuned for further updates.

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