Slick Conditions Keep Towing Companies Busy


RALEIGH COUNTY, WV- With these colder temperatures and icy roads, unfortunately accidents happen out on the roads. Driver who traveled hundreds of miles in the snowy conditions said it’s important to take it extra slow.

 As a traveler, Tom Chrisman, drives far distances despite dangerous weather conditions. “I do it all the time, I’m not scared,” said Chrisman.

As Chrisman makes his way to Indiana, he said he’s seen accidents happen which is why he makes safety his priority. “It’s getting slick, they have salt going down on the road so it should be okay,” Chrisman.

Glen’s Towing company said the Flat Top area is where they respond to most of their calls. “We handle all different types of accidents from cars to trucks to SUV’s,” said a Supervisor with Glen’s Towing Company, George Sweetser.

As a part of Glen’s Towing Company for 8 years, Sweetser said around this time of the year is when they see the most accidents. “When you see the first snow you see a lot more accidents people are just getting used to slowing down,” said Sweetser.

Workers with the towing company explain a lot of times they see drivers make the same mistakes behind the wheel. “The biggest thing is you have to watch your traffic and make sure you’re keeping your eye on the traffic and as well as what you’re doing,” said Sweetser.

In some situations taking your eye off the road could turn hazardous. “You get a lot of people that see a wreck and want to gawk at the wreck and they can come into another accident,” said Sweetser. It’s those types of situations Glen’s Towing spends their time preparing for. “We’re making sure our trucks have the proper equipment on it, wind washer fluid, making sure there are straps and everything greased up,” said Sweetser.

Glen’s Towing offers full road services right out of Beckley.

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