Some tips to keep in mind with school buses on the road


It can be easy to get frustrated while driving behind a slow school bus. But it’s very important to remember these bus drivers are transporting precious cargo to and from school.

Supervisor of Transportation and Safety for Mercer County says people just need to be patient.

“Everybody just needs to slow down a little bit. Pay close attention to the students that are on the roads and on the streets. Pay close attention to the school bus,” said Scott

Mercer County has nearly 86 buses on the roads in the mornings and afternoons. It’s important when the red stop sign is flashing, people pay attention. Cars from both directions must stop for the bus as children may be crossing the road. Drivers should also keep in mind passing a school bus with flashing warning lights can lead up to $250 in fines. Another thing to keep in mind, is the speed limit in a school zone is 15 miles per hour.

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