Southern Coal announces maintenance downtime for Raleigh County mine


Southern Coal Corporation dispelled concerns about the possible closure of the Tams Surface Mine in Raleigh County.  There was some concern from the community that the mine was closed on Wednesday and the workers were being asked to move to a location in Virginia.

Officials with Southern Coal confirmed that the mine is not closing.  However they did say the mine would be idled for about two weeks.  That idling was to allow for equipment maintenance and vacations.  Southern Coal leaders said there will be no employee layoffs.  The following statement was issued by the company on Friday afternoon.

““Tams Management, Inc. has determined to temporarily idle the mine in order to do equipment maintenance.  It is anticipated that Tams will resume active production in approximately two weeks.  In the interim and as an effort to keep everyone working, Tams’ has worked with its affiliates to offer the Tams Employees work at the Bishop surface mine.” 

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