State Attorney Aims To Combat Human Trafficking


 The State Attorney’s Office is looking to combat Human Trafficking. State leaders describe the crime as modern day slavery. 

 West Virginia is considered a hot spot for human trafficking activity with the current opiate drug epidemic, the unemployment rate, and poverty stricken neighborhoods.  In an effort to raise awareness and help fight the problem, the attorneys general’s office has set out to conduct free training sessions all across the state to educate law enforcement on how to recognize the crime.

:”Human trafficking is anytime one person uses fraud force or coercion to force another human being into becoming  essentially a commodity so we are trying to shift the views of the officer trying to shift how they look at things when it comes to trafficking victims and recognize them for the victims that they are,” Robert Leslie said. Leslie is the senior deputy attorney general.

Human Trafficking is a felony charge and comes with a maximum of 15 years behind bars.

According to the Justice Department, human tracking  is considered the second largest criminal industry in the world. Drug trafficking is the first. 

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