State leaders speak about improving West Virginia education and economics at Business Summit


As a part of the 80th Annual West Virginia Chamber of Commerce’s Business Summit, State leaders also spoke about ways to improve education and economics in the West Virginia. On Wednesday, the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce board of directors met to discuss job creation and economic development in the Mountain State. They want to identify what needs to be fixed. They’re also discussing selected potential solutions to improve the economic situation in West Virginia. “What we do know is we love our state and we want to see it do better than it is. We know its going to do better than it’s been doing and now we’re about charting a course for the future and making sure we’re creating jobs and creating secure communities and creating opportunities for people not only to stay in West Virginia but to come to West Virginia,” said Steve Roberts, West Virginia Chamber of Commerce President.

Roberts knows that in order to make people want to stay in West Virginia, the quality of education also needs to be improved. According to the National Assessment of educational Progress in 2015 West Virginia ranked 47th in the nation in 8th grade math and 43rd in 8th grade reading. “We have a full afternoon followed by a discussion about education and how to improve education and energy topics. So big topics, lots of people, a lot of energy and a lot of enthusiasm for improving West Virginia,” said Roberts. Thursday, chamber board of directors will hear more from members of congress about their plans for the future of West Virginia. 

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