After four years, there is still no answer to the murder mystery in Wyoming county that captured the headlines. A mothers agony magnified by 4 years of unanswered questions. Faye Hatfield lost her son on December 11 2012. She told us “its been awful.” The body of Steven Ray Lawrence of Longbranch was found in a ditch on the side of Coal Mountain road after weeks of searching. Faye didn’t know her son had died until she walked into a candlelight vigil that was being held for her son. She added “me and my son decided to go. we wasn’t going but we decided to go and when we got over there, we just ran in on it. They had already found him.”

Despite several years of investigation, there have still been no arrests. West Virginia State police have long suspected foul play. Lawrence was found with a gunshot wound and blunt force trauma to the head. Mike Cochrane, Wyoming County Prosecutor, said “The state police has worked numerous man hours on this case. I know the assigned trooper I know he’s spent a world of time on it. No breakthroughs enough to where we think proper charges can be filed at this time.”     

And right now, all Faye and her family want are answers. She said ” I want to know. I want justice for him and closure for the family. I would say please come forward. Please come forward. It could be your son, your brother, your father.” If you have any information, contact the West Virginia State Police or the Wyoming County prosecutors office.