Student Charged, External Investigation into Officer Expected


UPDATE: 5/18/17 (3:30pm)

LOGAN, WV (WOWK) – Logan Police Department said a Logan High School student has been charged with obstructing an officer after an incident during school May 17th. Sgt. Robert Adkins says the altercation happened in the hallway, ultimately leading to the student’s arrest. After appearing before a judge, the student was released to his parents.

Logan Police is now working with the Logan County school district to investigate the incident. Sgt. Adkins said the student’s parents are cooperating.

Sgt. Adkins says he believes an external law enforcement agency will likely lead an independent investigation into the Logan Police Officer’s conduct. Though it’s not yet clear which agency that may be, or the scope of that pending investigation.

The officer involved did return to school today and there are no plans to place him on administrative leave.


After seeing the video tape of a brawl between a high school student and a Logan County Police Officer, Logan County School Board President, Paul Hardesty promises an investigation into the incident. 

According to a Logan County High School student, another student was told to take the hood he was wearing off of his head. 

The student reportedly responded saying that his hood was not bothering anyone. The student was told to go to the office. He allegedly walked in that direction then reportedly tossed his bagged lunch at a trash can but missed.

It was then that the student claims, a police officer from the Logan Police Department forced him to the ground and put him in a choke hold. 

We will have updates on the story as we get more information.

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