Students at Stanaford Elementary learn about Solar Eclipse


Viewing the eclipse is a memory students at Stanaford Elementary will  never forget, and it was all made possible through a grant from the WVU extension office.

The grant allowed students to have NASA-certified glasses to view the eclipse. While many students throughout Southern West Virginia were released early, teachers at Stanaford Elementary used it as a teaching opportunity.

“It was amazing! It was like a moon but like a desert moon! It was very amazing!” Carson Williams, a 2nd grader at Stanaford Elementary, said.

Students say they were excited to see in person what they had been learning in school for the last several weeks. 

Safety was the top priority for school officials. Teachers say they made sure the students knew not to look directly at the sun without the glasses. 

For those students who did not get a chance to look at the eclipse, there was a live-stream they could watch throughout the school.

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