Students Released From Hospital After School Bus Accident In McDowell County


On Tuesday, May 5, 2015 a school bus accident sent several students to the hospital in McDowell County.  McDowell County Schools Superintendent Nelson Spencer said 14 students were taken to Welch Community Hospital after their bus slid off the road on Route 7.  The students are from Fall River Elementary School.  Spencer said a substitute driver was behind the wheel when the accident happened in the Hensley area near Davy.  He said there were 28 students on board.

Spencer said, “Good news is that all those children as far as we know have been released from the hospital.  They may have to go back and get a check-up. We are very delighted that no one was really seriously hurt in that accident and all were released that did seek medical care.”

People we spoke to in the area say the roads are a major concern.  

One man said, “The roads are starting to collapse all the time.  Process needs to be picked up a little better and praise the Lord them kids didn’t get hurt or nothing and the bus driver.”

Spencer said the road is very narrow.  The driver said he was avoiding an oncoming vehicle when the school bus went off the road.

“The bus driver that has that regular run, I asked him if he had any accidents and he said no so we are very happy with that,” said Spencer.  “We travel quite a few miles and quite a few treacherous roads and our drivers typically do a good job.”

McDowell County Sheriff’s Deputies are handling the investigation. Deputies said things could have been a lot worse.  Chief Field Deputy Roger Deel said, “I am grateful that the children are ok and that tree was there to stop that bus.  If the bus hadn’t of leaned on over on that tree, it would probably been a whole lot worse.”



A school bus carrying students tipped off a road in McDowell County on Tuesday, May 5, 2015.  According to the McDowell County Sheriff’s Office, the accident happened around 4:30 P.M in the Hensley area near Davy. 

Several students were on board at the time. Some were taken to Welch Emergency Hospital. The number of children transported was not released. The driver of the bus wasn’t hurt.

The McDowell County Sheriff’s Department, Roderfield and Davy Fire Departments, McDowell County Ambulance Authority and JanCare Ambulance responded.

At this time, the cause of the accident is unknown.

The accident is under investigation.

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