Sue “Bob” White of “The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia” has been arrested on drug charges.  On March 2, 2017, officers were contacted for a disturbance call at Peter Street in Williamson, WV.

Officers spoke with White who wanted to make a complaint about stolen property. Officers then received information from Mingo County 911 dispatchers that White had arrest warrants in Kentucky. She was taken into custody and transported to the Williamson Police Department.

Once there, White requested to use the restroom. An officer checked the bathroom and removed the trash can then patted down the outer layers of White’s person and removed the handcuffs for her to use the restroom. Officers then allowed White to use the restroom, and they secured her directly after rechecking the bathroom.

During the search, officers located a brown paper bag had been placed at the rear of the toilet. Inside the bag they found 400 mg of Gabapentin, a small bag containing marijuana, a small bag containing a torn suboxone strip, and rolling papers.

White is facing charges of obstructing an officer and three charges of possession of a controlled substance. She is being held in the South Western Regional Jail.