Sullivan Industrial Park Project Expected to Bring Thousands of Jobs to Raleigh County


The Sullivan Industrial Park project in Raleigh County was created to attract new businesses into a convenient area. 

U.S. Congressman Evan Jenkins visited the site over the summer to introduce his ideas for what he believes could provide a major improvement to the economy of the county.

Around $12 million of federal funding has been secured to build the infrastructure for the project. Jenkins said it couldn’t be in a better location. 

“You’ve got two interstates coming together; north, south, east, west,” Jenkins said. “And just hundreds of acres flat right beside it. So let’s open them up, let’s attract employers, let’s get people back to work in West Virginia.”

Beaver Coal Company owns the land and is donating 15 acres for new businesses to move in. Woody Duba, general manager, said the first tenant will be the West Virginia National Guard, for its equipment repair site. 

That National Guard, alone, is expected to bring in several hundred new jobs sometime in 2017 to Raleigh County.

“This jump starts something that I suspect in 10 to 15 years will have up to 3,000 people working in that area,” Duba said.

The plans for the Sullivan Industrial Park have been ongoing for the last three years. Duba said he is happy to see it’s finally coming into fruition.

“We’ve always been involved in the community over these 125 years we’ve been here,” Duba said. “And this is one of the biggest things we’ve been involved in, which will be kind of a crowning thing. I’m retiring next year, that’s a wonderful thing to leave on.”

The Sullivan Industrial Park is 300 acres in total. Besides the 15 donated acres by Beaver Coal Company, the rest will be either sold or leased to businesses. 

It’s expected to be opened up sometime in 2017.

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