Summers County Commission Looks Into a Fire Service Fee Ordinance


The Summers County Commission is looking into a fire service fee ordinance. It’s been a conversation over the course of several years in Summers County. 

Summers County Commissioners met at Summer County Courthouse for the first reading of the new fire fee service ordinance. The fire service fee would cost 25 dollars per residential building every year. Seventy five dollars for those buildings up to 10,000 square feet and a fee of three hundred for buildings over 10,000 square feet. 

“Well what I think it’ll do for the community is A that your insurance, if we wouldn’t have done something you possibly couldn’t have gotten home owners policy that was a big deciding factor, I mean we had to do something to protect the people,” Summers County Commissioner, Tony Williams, said. 

One of the biggest changes made to the ordinance was the removal of the empty lot fee. People will be responsible for paying the fee the first January of every year. The money will go toward the Summers County Fire Board to help pay for all of the expenses that go into their services.

“This is for the people not us, I mean we are the ones that get up at three o’clock in the morning just because they need help. We might not like to do it but we figure that this is something we should do, we are dedicated to this, have been for years and we will continue to do this as long as we can,” Chief of Green Sulpher Volunteer Fire Department, Tom Scott, said. 

While opinion is split on the need for a fee, Summers County residents in support of the fee said fire departments need their help to keep people safe.

“Like many people who have to sit down with their budgets every week, they usually don’t have enough money to get from one end to the other and they are having the same problem,” Citizens Information Team of Summers County, Henry Guerriero, said. 

This is just the first reading of the ordinance. The second reading will be held on September 7th, and the final consideration for the bill will be on September 13th.


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