Summers County Schools Adopt Handle With Care Program


Summers County Schools superintendent, Kimberly Rodes, wants all of her students to be comfortable at school. Especially the ones who have trouble at home. 

That’s why the Summers County Board of Education will officially begin its Handle With Care campaign at the beginning of this school year. 

“Handle With Care is a program that allows schools to be notified in the event a child or their family has had interaction with police so that when they come to school the next day, we know to handle them with care,” Rodes tells 59News.

State Troopers can notify school administrators of any incidents that happen to the child, simply by using an app on their cell phone. Rodes and Kari Vicars, Summers County High School principal, believe Handle With Care will allow administrators to help their students beyond academics. 

“It gives the teachers a chance to provide the student with whatever support they may need,” Vicars says. “Whether it be emotional, see the nurse, or whatever they may need.”

“It gives us the opportunity to handle a child with care,” Rodes added. “To give a little extra attention. To understand why they’re crying today or they’re not responding, or they want to keep their head down all day, or they’re behavior’s off the chart, so that we can pay attention to their needs.”

Details about what’s happened at the child’s home are never released, just that the student should be handled with care. Handle With Care is a statewide effort. 

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