UPDATE: Within two hours of our story airing, one of the suspects in the brutal beating caught on camera turned himself into Beckley police. 20-year-old Tyler Workman walked to the police station. Another suspect, Shaun Coleman, was also led into the courthouse by police.  Workman told our cameras, “Kept saying he was going to cut me. He kept coming closer to me, closer to me. And I, and I jumped on him. I stomped him in his head a few times…I’m not the bad person here, but what you expect me to do…get my guts cut out?” 

The incident was a topic at tonight’s City Council meeting. A number of people came forward with their concerns, saying the city is seeing a rise in violence. Stay with 59 News for updates.

———————————————————— A bus stop beat down is caught on cell phone video.  Now it’s making it’s way around social media, sparking outrage.  Two unknown men, senselessly beat another man at this bus stop on 3rd Avenue on Sunday, April 12, 2015.  The person recording is just laughing while the men wrestle around.  Beckley City Councilman Tim Berry saw the video on Facebook and was very concerned.

“It’s barbaric, and when I first saw it, first thing I thought (was) ‘Jeez, I cannot believe that’s happening here,'” said Berry.  “It’s senseless, this type of activity cannot be condone in Beckley.”

Berry is not the only person who was shocked.  The reaction was the same from people on the street who are commenting on the video with outrage.  

“It shouldn’t be in Beckley, West Virginia, ya know,” said one concerned citizen.

“That’s ridiculous,” added Devin Phillips, another resident of Beckley.

Detective David Allard with the Beckley Police Department was also shown the video.  He said that the person who was recording the video would likely not face any charges.  

“It could be seen as inciting if the person was really doing something to further the act,” said Allard.  “In this case, the person just happens to be recording a crime that’s occurring.”

But the people of Beckley said they want these crimes to stop. 

“It amazes me in a horrible way that people can do that to other human beings,” said Devin Phillips.

Despite how badly the man was beaten in the video, police said he is expected to be okay.  Investigators said they do have suspects and warrants are out for their arrests.  The Beckley City Council is expected to discuss the video at the meeting on Tuesday, April 14, 2015.