Tazewell County Sheriff’s Dept. hosts free conceal carry class


More than a hundred residents from the Tazewell county community spent their Saturday morning learning the basics on how to properly handle a gun. 

The course was put on by the Tazewell County Sheriff’s Department. Brian Hiett is the Sheriff. 

“And we focus on safety, gun safety, we focus on some of the laws where you can carry where you cannot carry, what states that you can go into if you have a conceal permit in Virginia what other states you can’t go to,” Hiett said. He added, the class is also aimed at informing the public of their rights.
“Our overall goal is that we want to make sure people know that they have the right to carry that weapon, they have a right to have a conceal permit and to have a weapon when they are out in public,” he said.  

Lisa Crouse lives in Tazewell. She said prior to coming to the class her husband gave her a quick lesson on how to use a gun. She also said she wants to become a concealed carrier in order to be safe. 

“Actually he got out his gun last night and gave me a brief little go over with it you know what to do what to expect, why did I want a gun he asked me why do I want a gun and you know he had said that he bought a gun and a bow for hunting and I said i wanted it  for protection,” Crouse said.

In addition to the conceal weapon safety class, attendees also got a chance to get some hand-on experience at a near by gun range.
Rhonda Lambert was given a training exercise on how to react to a home invasion situation. She said the skills she learned today will help her stay protected for the future. 

“Its great its awesome we all need to learn how to protect ourselves in these days because you never know whats going to happen from one day to the next,” Lambert said. 

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