Tazewell Deputies Talk About Kidnapping Hoax


The Tazewell County Sheriff’s Office wants the public to know about a recent hoax.  Deputies said Jessica Lester posted on facebook that a man tried to grab her and abduct her at Cargo in Tazewell on Sunday March 27, 2016.  Major Harold Heatley said the post was shared more than 3,000 and caused a major public panic  Investigators found that the alleged incident never happened.  Heatley said a man did talk to Lester but never tried to kidnap her. 

Heatley said, “We needed to let the citizens know that there wasn’t some mad man out there that was grabbing at women and trying to abduct them and pull them into their vehicle as she had alleged in her first facebook post.”

Lester posted on her facebook saying, “Referring to the incident that happened to me, at cargo, I exaggerated my statement. 
I am sorry for any trouble I have caused.  The male subject did approach me but never touched me or attempted to get me into his vehicle.” 
59News has been unable to contact Lester.  Deputies said her facebook page has now been deleted.
We are told charges are not pending against Lester. 

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