Teacher found innocent, mother responds


On May 27, 2015 Robin Hatchers daughter, Haylee, was sent by ambulance to a hospital from Melrose Elementary School in Princeton. Haylee was allegedly attacked by another student. Since the incident the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office has been investigating how and why this happened. 

On Tuesday, Sergeant S. A. Sommers came to the conclusion that there was no criminal act committed. 

“The investigation found that there was no neglect on the teacher or any of the aids toward the injuries the victim sustained,” Sommers said. 

Surveillance video of the classroom door showed that there was only one special education teacher in the class and a total of three students when Haylee was injured. At the time, the teacher said she was distracted with another student trying to leave the classroom. Sommers said surveillance cameras support the teacher’s account of what happened.

When Haylee’s mother heard that the teachers and aids were innocent she immediately released this statement to me. 

“As a mother I’m very concerned about the supervision in the classroom. We are exploring options at this time to address that,” she stated.

Officials say that the criminal investigation is complete and law enforcement is no longer involved. 

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