An urban legend that originated right here in Southern West Virginia is receiving some new attention. The legend of “Bat Boy” debuted in 1991, in the American supermarket tabloid, Weekly World News.
“Bat Boy”, described as a large-eyed, fanged human child is believed to have fallen in Lost World Caverns in Lewisburg, back in the 1950’s and then escaped 30 years later in 1992. 
Now a team of experts is hunting for him once again at Lost World Caverns. We talked to the owner of the cave to see what truth is behind the tabloid. The first question 59News asked the owner was how does someone just fall in a cave? Well here’s how the owner Steve Silverberg says this cave was stumbled upon in the first place, “The old farmer that owned this farm for years, had a big working cattle ranch here, he had been dumping his garbage and dead cows down that hole, because it was easier than digging a hole to bury them. All he knew was that it took a long time for stuff to hit the bottom and it never filled up.”
In 1942, two college students were lowered down the hole and they discovered Lost World Caverns. But it wasn’t until the 1970’s that a walk way was dug out to get to the cave, which would have left “Bat Boy” stranded to be raised by bats or something else. Silverberg says, “They thought by bats, but now the theory is that he was raised by some population of subterranean beings that live underneath this area.”
“Bat Boy”, being half human, half subterranean life, is a creature of many characteristics, “He offered his acute hearing services to the government after the September 11th bombings to go to Afghanistan and help with the search for Osama Bin Laden. Then some of the articles say he gets angry with people and doesn’t like them trying to capture them and he bit off a doctors nose in one of the articles.”
If you’re not one to take interest in urban legends, here’s one last ploy, to why “Bat Boy” might have significance, “This subterranean culture that lives underneath us has pretty much left us alone, but their getting pretty tired of what we’re doing up above, between the fracking and polluting it’s all getting down here underground.”
Whether “Bat Boy” really is out there, or not, maybe their is something to be learned from his epic tales.  
If you have more questions on the notorious “Bat Boy”, Underground Productions has begun the hunt for him once again. They are filming at Lost World Caverns and plan to start airing episodes the beginning of August. 
To watch the episodes you can go to the If “Bat Boy” doesn’t interest you Lost World Caverns is still a beautiful natural cave.