The Mercer County Sheriff Department is looking for new deputies


The Mercer County Sheriff’s Department is looking for new deputies. 
If you would like to apply you have from now until August 28, 2015. You can pick up an application at the county clerks office. The starting salary will be around $30,000 dollars. You do have to be a high school graduate or have your GED.  No prior police training is required. 
Deputy A.M. Ballard told 59News you will have to go take a physical test and then go through training to learn first hand the ropes of being an officer, “We’ll set down a time, where we will do a physical agility test, for those that are not certified officers that would like to be one, and we’ll set a time and location to where you have to do a certain number of push-ups, sit-ups, and a 1.5 mile run.”

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