The number of bed bug cases is on the rise


Bed Bugs are about an 8th of an inch big, live off of blood, and could infest your home in a matter of weeks.

“They pierce the skin, they secrete an anticoagulant material in the wound to make the blood not coagulate and clot and just like a soda straw they are sucking the blood from the host,” a local Exterminator, Richard Whitman, said. 

The host? Whoever is sleeping in the bed, or closest to the infestation or nest.

Experts said these infestations are currently growing though Beckley and even the whole United States. They’re called bed bugs for a reason and can usually be found in your box spring, mattress or a few feet from your bed.

Experts said that bed bugs do not discriminate, you could be the cleanest person in the world and still have a massive infestation anywhere in your house. 

To check for these insects, you’re supposed to look around your box spring, mattress and cluttered areas near your bed. If you do have bed bugs, Exterminators say that calling a professional is probably your best bet. 

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