The Rocket Boys Were Back in Town!


Rocket Boys fans wait for this day every year. The day where they can meet with the Rocket Boys themselves and get a few autographs. But that’s not all fans can do, one of the most popular activities is building a rocket and watching it launch into the sky. Director of Operations at the Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine, Leslie Baker says this is a great festival for kids.

“With Homer here as an inspiration and the rest of the Rocket Boys they are really getting into it to learning how to do these rockets. A lot of kids have never had that hands on before and they are gonna see how much fun it is,” said Baker.

Award-winning author and Rocket Boy Homer Hickam says was excited to get back into the community and interact with all the young kids.

“The truth is I’m the one that’s inspired. I come in and the other Rocket Boys come in and we talk to the students, the young kids and teachers and tell them how much we appreciate the work that they do, and to the young people give them a little hope and inspiration,” said Hickam.

Rocket Boy Roy Cooke says it’s very exciting to meet new people in the community.

“It’s always exciting to see new people come into town and visit where we are so we can spread the news about the Rocket Boys,” said Cooke.

Virginia Tech had engineers helping the young ones build their rockets and watch as they took off hundreds of feet into the air.

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