The White House is planning to hire new staffers for President Trump’s social media accounts


Social Media has become a huge part of how President Donald Trump communicates with the public. Now, according to CNN the White House is taking steps to hire new staffers to help the President with his online presence.

It’s a powerful tool used by politicians, celebrities, and organizations. Twitter reported an average of 320 million monthly active users just two years ago, according to the Pew Research Institute. That’s a lot of eyes on 140 characters.

The man who has made headlines across the world with his Twitter account is the President himself. But there’s a lot of power behind those tweets, and that’s inspired a greater need for staffers to help draft tweets. That’s why people like Heather Armstrong think it’s important the President has a team of experts to help him send a better message.

“It says a lot about how important social media is, I know all my friends are on Facebook and Twitter. That’s just how this generation communicates now, it’s how we get all of our information so it’s really important that he does well on that,” said Heather Armstrong.

CNN reports, until recently, Trump and his Social Media Director Dan Scavino handled his social media accounts. Now the White House is planning to hire a new Communications Director, along with a team of experts to manage his sites. That’s a job that’s never been more important in an age when people are glued to Facebook.

“It actually says a lot because everyone uses Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat so our President has to be able to say the right thing,” said Kim Broyles. 

CNN says while the White House is searching for a new Communications Director, Press Secretary Sean Spicer is assuming the responsibility.

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