Thousands of Children in Raleigh County, Christmas comes early


Every year in Mid December, the Raleigh County Convention Center turns into the states largest toy store.

“It’s just been a truly a blessing,” Dawna Bolt said.

This is Bolt’s first time volunteering at Mac’s Toy Fund. For her, she has family members who are less fortunate, and to be able to help provide a better Christmas for families less fortunate means the world.

“To put a smile on a kids face, it means everything to me, so they’ll have something for Christmas morning,” Bolt said.

Over 4,600 kids were invited to this years toy give away. Tamara Moore and her sister, Amanda, are one of the many families are thankful for their kids to have presents under the tree this year.

“Because there’s so many people out there that are suffering and at least for these kids, they won’t be suffering, they will actually end up being excited about Christmas and you don’t want to ruin belief,” Tamara Moore said.

“I think it’s really generous for people who can’t afford it so I think it helps a lot,” Amanda Moore said.

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